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IStallena is a full-service Facebook advertising agency specializing to generate leads, grow online sales, and enhance brand awareness through the most effective Facebook ads by expert Facebook ads consultants.

Are you struggling to get leads instead of running FB campaigns?

Tired of spending a lot and getting no customers??

Here we are ready to help you and guide you through it..

Our team of experts under the supervision of our Team leader M.Mubeen Baahu will take you on a call/meeting and we will discuss that persistent problem and come out with a solution and provide you with an ultimate solution of accurate ad-creating strategy bearing fruit.

Do you need more sales in 2022 and 2023?

Sales Need Buyers

How to get to potential buyers?

Target them directly according to their interest in your brand.

How do you know what is their interest? In which age group they fall? what is their gender? where do they live?

Here you go


7th: That is why FACEBOOK has gained such a popularity in boosting sales of your brand because it provides us with answers to all the above questions..
It provides us with data of potential buyers.

Sales needs buyers,

How to get to potential buyers?

Target them directly according to their interest in your brand.

How do you know what is their interest? what age group are they? what is their gender? where do they live?

Here you go


Why do you need a Facebook ads consultant?

Our Facebook ads consultants are experts with years of experience. On hiring one you will be able to have meetings to discuss the problems you are already facing and after understanding your goals we run the most effective Facebook ads for you.

These are well-designed lead generation campaigns professionally sorted out by our Facebook ads experts based on the requirements a brand throws.

Whichever type of product you want to sell, it has a great range of buyers available from all around the world making your brand’s visibility beyond limits that ensures higher lead generation rates on each campaign.

What is The Cost of Facebook Advertising Agency Services?

The price of utilizing IStallena’s fb advertising is based on….Read More …

Facebook| The largest social network out there is worth the hype.

The potential reach of Facebook Ads is 2.11 billion users.


The best part is we can effectively filter our audience based on their age, interests, gender, and location, and by using many other parameters we make our audience quite precise to generate leads at a greater rate. Facebook advertising is equally result-oriented for both, small and large, businesses.

What kind of targeting options do we use for our Facebook advertising services?

There are several options that we opt for the selection of targeted audience depending entirely on the type of business our client owns.

Core Audiance

It is considered one of the most impactful targeting options.

How it works: for instance, if you have a shoe store in a mall but you don’t have an e-store and want to enhance your business, then our Facebook advertising agency can use location-targeted ads to send ads to audiences in your area or let the audience know that you can ship them the product to their place on the placement of an order.

It acts as a powerful option as it narrows down to age, gender, education, job status, relationship, and much more. Your product will be shown to relevant audiences to make it more sales oriented.

How it works: If you own a business associated with ladies’ garments then to make it more sales-oriented demographic targeting will be used i.e. by selecting a specific age group and gender we can improve results.

This is considered as a more technical targeting option with a focus on purchase experience in the past, mobile usage and more.

How it works: you can use Facebook ads platforms to determine what other users are clicking on thus targeting them accordingly.

This targeting option uses the data provided by users on their profile like hobbies and interests like cooking, shopping etc.

How it works:

based on the interest patterns Facebook ads can target them even more precisely like if you have to sell any food ingredient, we can target the one who loves cooking not the one who is involved in playing scorch.

It targets users whom you already know that they are interested in your product/services.

How it works: Our expert Facebook ads consultants use this super effective way to target an audience who is already buying or using your products and might like to use/avail this service too.

Custom audience

When users fill out a form on your website, it shows their interest in your business (product/service) and by providing data indirectly they are now creating a contact list for us to target them via Facebook ads when necessary.

People who are using your app can also be our target audience if we can inspire them by showing relative ads about our product.

Users who have visited your website and watched your product have already shown their interest. Creating an ad and targeting that audience again gives them a second chance hence opening more doors for sales chances and has proven to be a solid way of higher conversion rates.

Lookalike Audience

By using Facebook audience insights an entirely new group can be created based on the previously used demographic, location and interest-based targeted audience. It’s basically a separate audience but similar to the previous one.

Use Our Facebook Marketing Services and Get These Advantages:


IStallena’s streamlined flow allows you to create a Facebook lead generation campaign


Our Facebook page advertising feature always stays in trend and avoids any creative fatigue for you.


After working thoroughly on designing campaigns, once your campaigns are live, our Facebook advertising expert takes care of the management and optimization of the running ads to make them the most effective ones.


in order to improve your brand sales, you may get free advice from our Facebook ads experts.

What Are the goals for A Facebook Marketing Campaign?

How we work | Facebook Advertising Agency

Step #1: One to one consultation
step #2: Account Setup & Creative Research
step #3: Facebook ads Campaign Development
step #4: Launching that campaign & it’s Management
Step #5: Reporting & Analysis
step #6: Optimization

Which Ad formats Do Our Facebook Lead Generation Campaign Include?

It includes set of images which together cast a story or showcase multiple products.

When movement is added to ads, it makes them eye catchy and the time spent on this ad increases which ultimately results in letting the mind process it better enhancing its chances of purchase.

These ads comprise of static image which are designed so accurately that they are self-explanatory.

These are the ads which use videos and images provided by your customers to tell a story or explain their brand.

These include catalog advertising for sales purpose.

Talk to us, we will guide you which format is best for your brand.

If your business demands something different and more specific, we can create customized ad after one-on-one meeting.

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