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Who are we

Istellena is a trusted, unconventional, full-service design, branding, content writing, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, advertising, and social media marketing agency.

Our experience in various cultures, languages, and markets makes us a unique choice to understand your project and provide solutions to achieve the best results.

Marketing & Advertising | Branding & Positioning | Digital Marketing | Social Media Management | Film Production | Mobile App Development

Our Core Values

Targeted Approach:

We know what inpries your target audience how to speak their language and where they hangout online, and we also know kindof content they care about and how to introduction them to your brand in order to make a great first impression.


Imagine having one virtual partner to handle all of your creative needs. It saves your time money and headache of working with multiple partners. We are that creative partner of yours.


Our transparency makes us trustworthy. We inform our potential customers about methods used for running ads.

Responsiveness and reporting:

Our response rate is 100%on each communication channel and regular at reporting to clients that gives an additional understanding of performance and results.

Result oriented:

Our team sets goals and determines the best possible strategy which is effective and economic in producing desired results. A result-oriented culture makes employees much more motivated and makes the customers satisfied.


Why Us

Message from CEO

The digital era has made significant changes in the business field. Companies and organizations today are no longer satisfied with the traditional marketing results. The rising value of digital marketing and social media and the urge to keep up with the digital revolution gave us the necessary motivation to start iStallana Solutions.

We have proudly gathered a loyal international team that is expanding every day. I think our loud success is the different nationalities and the worldwide creativity gathered under one name, iStallana Solutions.

We have built a solid trust-based relationship with our clients through this long journey. We understand that their success reflects ours and that we only can grow by pushing them toward their business objectives. In addition, the variety of our clients and the number of sectors we have dealt with provide us with unparalleled experience to leverage the digital exposure of any business, anywhere, anytime.

Mr Mubeen Baaho

Our Team Members


Mr Mubeen Baaho

12 Years of experience in field of Project Management and Marketing

Mr Manthar Awan
Graphic, Motion Desiner

More then 35 Years of experience with several award name State of the Art Artist.

Web Developer

+92 300 4720937
Mureed Sultan
Front End Developer

2 years of experience in the field of Front end design using multiple frameworks like WordPress, CSS 3, React, Vue