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What We Do

Understanding customer's core need. Innovating and designing the appropriate solution. After Implementation providing support and maintenance services

We automate your business and manage it as the most trusted partners. At iStallena we bring value to our customers for what they spend they get maximum out of it. Offering the fastest and easiest online cloud based software business apps customized for your business need 24/7 available, record keeping to customer/supplier invoices, attendances of employees to their payrolls, monitoring operations to controlling processes, We provide it all whenever and wherever you need.

Definitely you need to view on your palm – What’s going on in my business. What’s there when i am not at my business place – Yes, we do CCTV solution with smart phone online view. Even you can get high end security solutions with face detection, black and white lists, all with smart features. Networking, Procurement, Video Conferencing, Security Solutions, Walkthrough Gates, Attendance & Biometric Solutions are our core services that we provide to our customers.

Our company has evolved and taken center stage in information and technology by providing computing strategies and solutions to Government and Private Organizations.
What makes us distinctive is our ability to assist clients and meet challenges. We serve them to enrich their productivity by guaranteeing that their core business functions work faster, cheaper and better. Using our ability to conceptualize, we design, innovate, and implement with the latest and advanced tech proficiencies, hence enabling our clients to metamorphose their legacy models and take their business to the next level.
Our work philosophy is simple – deliver quality & value by generating flexible software solutions within a fun, disciplined, and a receptive work environment that promotes unity and fortify the strength of the company.